Research and Development

We continue to strengthen our technological and competitive capabilities to stay at the forefront of industry developments and advancements.

Through sustained investments in research and development, Sembcorp Marine continues to harness the transformation of proprietary knowledge and innovation to intellectual assets for enhanced productivity and operational efficiency.

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Conferred the Singapore Innovation of the Year Award in 2003, the “Load-out and Mating-in-dock” technique has accelerated our rig-building operations, enabling simultaneous construction and integration of the upper and lower rig hulls in a safe and controlled drydock environment.

Generating cost-efficiency from productivity enhancements and reductions in delivery schedule, the revolutionary rig building method has been successfully used by Sembcorp Marine to deliver two units of the fifth-generation ultra-deepwater semisubmersibles – Development Driller I and Development Driller II – in 2005.



Another highly successful engineering innovation introduced in 2008, the ‘Transverse Skidding’ technique was developed for the fast-track building of semisubmersible rigs. The new process enabled multiple rigs to be constructed simultaneously and assembled sequentially in a safe and secure manner, leading to a substantially greater productivity and efficiency.

Sembcorp Marine successfully applied the “Transverse Skidding” technique in combination with the breakthrough “Load-out & Mating-in-Dock” process to assemble two 6th generation ultra-deepwater semi-submersible rigs – West Sirius and West Taurus in 2008.