Jack-up Rig Designs


The new JU3000N design is the result of the combined development efforts of Sembcorp Marine, Noble and Friede & Goldman in creating an enlarged hull that will offer more operational benefits, including ergonomic and efficient accommodation layout, increased deck space and placement of equipment that will allow the crew to efficiently and safely carry out maintenance duties. Friede & Goldman JU-3000N is the latest generation, high specification jack-up drilling rig capable of operating in waters of 400 feet and drilling depths of 30,000 feet, suitable for operations in many challenging environments, including high temperature areas such as the Middle East and in the North Sea.




The F&G JU-2000E is a self-elevating drilling unit capable of operating in waters of 400 feet, drill to depths of 30,000 feet and is suitable for operations world-wide, including the southern North Sea. It offers improved drilling efficiencies with off-line pipe handling, simultaneous operations support and are equipped with increased accommodation capacity


technologies-pacific400Pacific Class 400 is the latest proprietary jack-up design by PPL Shipyard following the success of Pacific Class 375 Deep Drilling jack-up rig launched in 2004. The new jack-up rig comes with an increased accommodation for 150 men, equipped with the latest drilling equipment and an offline pipe handling for a simultaneous operations support, the rig is able to operate in greater water depths without compromising on optimal wave height.



technologies-pacific375The successful and proven Pacific Class 375 Deep Drilling Jack-up Rig is equipped with a drilling package suitable for drilling high pressure and high temperature wells at 30,000 feet whilst operating in 375 feet of water. Designed with extensive deck space, the rig provides accommodation for 120 men and has a large jacking capacity for preload jacking.





Gusto MSC CJ-70 harsh environment drilling rig has the ability to operate in water depths of up to 150 metres with a higher variable deck load and a higher operating efficiency. The size of the unit allows for additional opportunities within areas like logistics, well testing and early production.