Containership Design


Leveraging on our experience and shipbuilding heritage, we developed our in-house proprietary “Jubilee Class” design of 830 TEU containerships with the ability to carry 568 TEU containers on deck and 263 TEU in the cargo hold.  We further enhanced and developed the design for the 1,100 TEU container series having a service speed of 19.5 knots.

The success and the strong demand for this category of feeder container vessels led to the launch of the “Jubilee Class” 2,500 TEU and 2,600 TEU containership series.  Measuring 213m x 32.2m x 16.5m, it is equipped with 400 reefers and has a high container-carrying capacity of 2,646 TEU (1,688 TEU on deck and 958 TEU in hold). It has a lashing bridge that allows for the loading of two tiers of high-cube containers in the hold and a specially designed hull with minimal propeller-induced vibration for enhanced operational performance.