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Sembcorp Marine continually develops and empowers its people to create a progressive, dynamic and resilient workforce that is core to the company's growth and success.

People are the key differentiators for our sustained competitiveness and we are committed to nurturing the full potential of our global workforce of over 10,800 employees. Recognising human capital as our most valuable resource, we aim to create an equal opportunity and inclusive workplace where our people feel valued, respected, empowered and inspired.



We embrace fair employment, diversity and inclusivity at the workplace. Our human resource practices are in compliance with the local labour laws in our various countries of operation, including fair employment guidelines in line with the Ministry of Manpower Employment Act in Singapore, which is a member country of the International Labour Organisation. Aligned with the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights as well as tenets advocated by Singapore’s Tripartite Alliance for Fair and Progressive Employment Practices (TAFEP), we have fair and non-discriminatory processes for recruitment, training and development, performance appraisal and grievance management. 

Our commitment to fair employment practices and respect for fundamental human rights are reflected in our HR policies and Code of Business Conduct. We observe ethical business practices and comply with labour laws in our various countries of operation. Our policy prohibits child labour, slavery, forced labour and human trafficking.

The Group treats all employees fairly and any form of discrimination is not condoned. Employees, associates and business partners are expected to adhere to guiding principles set out in the Group’s Code of Business Conduct, which are communicated through various channels, including the company’s corporate website as well as workshops on ethics, anti-bribery compliance, enterprise risk management and corporate governance. Vendors, suppliers and sub-contractors are required to undertake that their business practices are in compliance with Sembcorp Marine’s corporate governance standards and social responsibility principles.

As part of its fair employment practices, Sembcorp Marine has established merit-based and non-discriminatory procedures for recruitment, training and development, compensation and evaluation. Employees are evaluated on objective criteria, including skills, experience, attitude and disposition, to assess their suitability for the job and the workplace. Remuneration is equitable and based on job scope regardless of employees’ ages.

We respect our employees’ right to freedom of association and their right to join unions. In Singapore, we are guided by the ‘Industrial Relations Act’ which allows representation of employees by trade unions for resolution of grievances and disputes through various channels, including collective bargaining and arbitration. Within the company, there are structured grievance handling procedures in place for employees to seek recourse and resolution for their grievances.



Our robust multi-pronged human resource strategy is aligned with our business objectives and strategic drivers of:

  • Enhancing competencies for long-term sustainability and competitiveness;
  • Developing a scalable workforce for business flexibility; and
  • Achieving operational excellence through resource optimisation.

The key dimensions of the HR strategy include workforce competencies and capabilities development for enhancing skills, productivity and competitiveness; talent management and leadership development for business continuity; as well as employee recognition, engagement and wellbeing.

To ensure continued effectiveness and relevance of the Group’s HR management systems, policies and procedures, regular reviews are conducted to evaluate feedback from internal and external stakeholders as well as benchmark against international standards and industry best practices.





To build a sustainable talent pool to support our growth, we proactively recruit through a number of channels including scholarships, internships and job fairs. We nurture the technical and functional skills of our employees through competency-based training, leadership development programmes, mentoring and job rotation. We also encourage open communication and employee engagement to reach out to staff across the Group through dialogue sessions, focus groups, employee surveys as well as social and recreational programmes.




We recognise the importance of creating a conducive work environment as part of our commitment towards employee care and welfare. Catering to the overall wellbeing of its employees, the Group offers a wide range of health and wellness programmes ranging from talks and workshops to sports and recreational activities. Various initiatives to educate employees on chronic and infectious disease prevention are also in place. 

On top of health screenings, the yards also partner with public health care providers such as Jurong Medical Centre, Khoo Teck Puat Hospital and Ng Teng Fong General Hospital to offer managed healthcare and faster treatments via direct referrals for specialist treatments and tele-consultations.




Strengthening ties with the Union is an important part of creating a harmonious work environment. To reinforce tripartite synergy and cohesiveness, we actively engage the Union in matters concerning our employees such as remuneration, worker safety & welfare, and skills upgrading.


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People are the driving force behind our progress and every employee is a valuable asset to us. Join Us!