Innovation and Sustainable Solutions

To deliver value-added and quality solutions, Sembcorp Marine harnesses innovation and productivity through sustained research & development, process improvements and facilities upgrading. These efforts enable us to provide enhanced capabilities and efficiencies for our customers and significant cost savings.

Sembcorp Marine’s Research and Development is focused on expanding our portfolio of products, services and technologies to offer innovative and sustainable solutions across the offshore and marine value chain that fulfil high standards of quality, safety, health and en.

A Group-wide innovation framework is supported by management systems including the ISO 9001 Quality Management System, ISO 14001 Environment Management System and the ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System. This drives the development, integration and acceleration of creative and superior solutions to continually improve processes and facilities as well as enhance our product quality, delivery capability and competitiveness.



Sembcorp Marine Technology was set up in 2007 to spearhead group involvement in marine and offshore technology, product innovations and work processes improvements. The R&D unit had developed numerous collaborative partnerships with industrial partners, academia and research institutions for a sustained generation of innovative solutions and intellectual property inventions.

In 2012, Sembcorp Marine established a Green Technology Development division that would intensify the Group’s effort to research, develop, manufacture and market green products to the marine offshore and onshore industries.

Sembcorp Marine’s transformation for growth strategy led to the establishment of a new consolidated R&D function in July 2015. The new R&D Centre was launched to serve as a focal point for our research and development activities. This centre will focus on valued technologies, innovative solutions as well as their deployment to strengthen Sembcorp Marine’s core engineering and construction competencies.



Sembcorp Marine’s strategy is focused on the importance of diversifying technology and product areas. The Group’s R&D and innovation activities are driven by a streamlined R&D policy and framework to ensure that its decisions are prioritised for optimum business returns.

We adopt a three-pronged approach to research, develop and collaborate on innovation and solutions development. Leveraging both in-house expertise and an extensive network of collaborating partners, the Group is focused on expanding and accelerating the search and creation of emerging technology and new opportunities. The company works actively to initiate, evaluate and manage the development of new products, technologies, systems and processes. These range from conceptualisation and prototyping to test-bedding and commercial implementation. This approach further facilitates the search for new ideas and their development into core technologies and product solutions.


The Group’s continuous R&D efforts and strategic investments have resulted in the expansion of Sembcorp Marine’s suite of solutions. These include technology that address environmental requirements from international regulations such as the International Maritime Organisation’s (IMO) International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships and MARPOL Annex VI restrictions on sulphur oxide (SOx) emission, as well as International Convention for the Control and Management of Ships’ Ballast Water and Sediments.

Sembcorp Marine recognises the importance of diversifying technology and product areas amid the uncertainty over oil prices. This has already triggered the search for new value creation levers in the product areas of cleaner, non-fossil fuel such as LNG.

To accelerate technology realisation, the Group actively seeks to collaborate with various partners to capitalise on specialised knowledge and expertise from scientists, innovators, industrial specialists and research institutes. This approach facilitates the search for new ideas and their development into core technologies and product solutions.



At Sembcorp Marine, we innovate continuously to develop sustainable and cost-competitive solutions that add value to our customers. In turn, we generate new income streams and create opportunities for future growth. Our pipeline of strategic technology research and solutions development programmes have led to a suite of safer, smarter and sustainable solutions.

A diversified product mix strengthens our versatility and resilience, and mitigates the cyclical risks typical of our industry. As a key business strategy, we continue to broaden our portfolio of products, services and technologies in Offshore Drilling and Production, Gas, Renewables and Urban Solutions.

In delivering innovative and sustainable solutions, our four key thrusts are:

  • Pursue new opportunities and emerging markets;
  • Develop greener and more sustainable products and solutions;
  • Create strategic build-and-deliver capabilities; and 
  • Build safer, smarter and sustainable shipyard.


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Sembcorp Marine’s wide-ranging and sophisticated engineering capabilities have enabled us to consistently deliver a range of safe, environmentally friendly, reliable and cost effective solutions for a wide range of products such as jack-ups, semi-submersibles, drillships, offshore platforms, specialised ships and others.

The Group’s leading-edge designs for rigs and drillships including the proprietary Pacific Class 400 jack-up design and the exclusive Jurong Espadon drillship design.

We have also developed environmentally friendly technologies that help to mitigate our customers’ emission impact on the atmosphere, control the spread of invasive marine species through ballast water, and offer chemical-free corrosion control that will not harm marine life. These environmentally-sustainable technologies enable our customers to reduce their carbon footprint and impact on earth resources, biodiversity and the climate.

Sembcorp Marine joins forces with various partners to propel innovation forward. We believe greater success can be achieved in conceptualising, developing and deploying technologies through active collaborations with innovators, classification societies, institutions and industry.





Sembcorp Marine’s suite of marine and offshore solutions is designed and engineered to offer optimised life cycle performance, enhanced safety and environmental friendliness. The Group will ensure its delivered products are fully compliant with international regulations, classification rules and port state standards.

Our proprietary designs and customised solutions undergo meticulous risk-based evaluation, stringent technology qualification and performance verification in order to set higher product standards and performance. The Group also partners with approving bodies, contributing to the development and recommendation of appropriate rules through joint industry projects for safe and reliable implementation of new technologies.

Sembcorp Marine ensures newbuild projects are compliant with global standards such as the IMO’s International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships and MARPOL Annex VI Tier II. Several of newbuild projects have been built further to stringent requirements such as the NORSOK S-002 Working Environment and S-003 Environmental Care standards. Clear operational safety, health and environment signage and well-developed user operation and maintenance manuals safeguard the health and safety of the Group’s customers.

We are committed to ensure that our resources and product solutions are optimised, standardised and proven for greener, smarter and safer applications.



To offer one-stop solutions through our global facilities, Sembcorp Marine strategically invests to bolster capabilities and capacity in Singapore as well as overseas subsidiaries. This enables us to provide innovative and effective execution of projects of any type and anywhere around the world.


A prime example of our commitment to achieve better quality, higher productivity, greater products and service delivery capabilities, the flagship Sembcorp Marine Tuas Boulevard Yard boasts an extensively automated steel structure fabrication workshop designed for streamlined and seamless production with the use of advanced robotic and computerised technology. The facility is administered by a Land-based Energy Management System which monitors and drives optimised efficiency of energy resources. In 2017, Sembcorp Marine signed an agreement with the SP Group in November to develop a Digital Energy-saving System that harnesses solar energy from 4.5 megawatt-peak rooftop solar panels. To be installed at the Tas Boulevard Yard’s state-of-the-art steel fabrication workshop, the solar rooftop will reduce the workshop’s peak reliance on the national grid by as much as 30% during work load. The digital energy-saving system will also feature energy storage capabilities, energy sensors and a real-time digital platform to optimise energy usage throughout the yard. Read more here.

Other milestone innovations developed by the Group that have changed the way we provide solutions include the award winning “Load-out and Mating-in-Dock” and the “Transverse Skidding” techniques for fast-track simultaneous construction and sequential assembly of multiple semi-submersibles which translates to a reduced project execution cycle time and large improvements in safety and resource consumption.

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In its search for innovative solutions, Sembcorp Marine’s research and development centre partners with tertiary institutions for development of marine and offshore technologies, enhance environment, safety and performance of our comprehensive range of product and operational processes. Some of our partners include the A*STAR Institute of High Performance Computing (IHPC), Nanyang Technolocal University, University of Glasgow, and Monohakobi Technology Institute.

The Group adopts a multi-disciplinary approach to enrich the skillsets of its research engineers and to explore emerging technologies and new frontiers.