Human Capital

Sembcorp Marine continually develops and empowers its people to create a progressive, dynamic and resilient workforce that is core to the company's growth and success.

People are at the heart of our business. We embrace the diversity and expertise that our employees bring to the Group and are committed to their growth, well-being and safety. We also respect human rights across our operations and value chain, aligning our human rights practices to various national and international frameworks.

Recognising human capital as our most valuable resource and a key differentiator for our sustained competitiveness, we aim to nurture the full potential of our people and to provide an equal opportunity and inclusive workplace where they feel valued, respected, empowered and inspired.

Sembcorp Marine’s human resource strategy contributes to our mission, vision and business goals through the key thrusts of:

  • Talent planning and leadership development – tapping talent globally and
    groom leaders;
  • Workforce capability and competency development – instilling a lifelong learning culture and develop a capable and competent workforce;
  • Employee engagement and well-being – promoting work-life balance and improve employees’ well-being;
  • Fair employment and equal opportunities – practising zero discrimination policy and build a diversified and inclusive workplace; and 
  • Human rights principles and practices – respecting globally recognised human rights principles.

To ensure continued effectiveness and relevance of the Group’s HR management systems, policies and procedures, regular reviews are conducted to evaluate feedback from internal and external stakeholders as well as benchmark against international standards and industry best practices.

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To ensure its continued competitiveness, Sembcorp Marine identifies its talent requirements through strategic workforce planning.

Sembcorp Marine values diversity and proactively reaches out through different channels to recruit talent with specialised knowledge and requisite capabilities across its key business segments and geographical markets. For its overseas operations, the Group actively recruits local talent with good understanding of the unique market conditions to grow its global business. 

To attract a diverse talent pool, the Group leverages a range of recruitment platforms such as career talks, job fairs, site visits as well as outreach events and industry promotion activities through schools and tertiary institutions.

Sembcorp Marine collaborates with local educational institutions on various training programmes to develop talent as well as provide students with attachment opportunities for work assignments and projects.  The Group also supports the Singapore government’s SkillsFuture initiative in the area of internships to prepare students for future careers in the industry. 

Talent management and leadership development are crucial to succession-planning and business continuity. We have a structured framework to identify, groom, and train promising talent for future leadership roles within the Group. 

Sembcorp Marine’s performance management system provides a structured framework to drive job performance, career planning and leadership development. The Group has a talent development framework to customise relevant training programmes to further hone employees’ technical skills and leadership competencies.





Sembcorp Marine Academy, the Group’s in-house training facility, provides a broad range of training to enhance workplace safety and health, skills and competencies, innovation and productivity as well as personal growth and development. The academy leverages innovative technologies to develop customised learning programmes, contextualised training and work simulations to equip employees with core competencies as well as new skill-sets in LNG and gas containment that support business growth.

Initiatives to up-skill and re-skill the workforce are in place to gear employees with the required capabilities for the successful execution of the Group’s projects and gas value chain solutions. Workforce optimisation continues with training programmes offered to boost employees’ versatility, scalability and competitiveness. 

Sembcorp Marine works closely with organisations such as Workforce Singapore (WSG), NTUC Employment and Employability Institute (e2i), Association of Singapore Marine Industries and other sector agencies in the area of workforce training and development. Structured training programmes are also in place to re-skill and up-skill employee competencies to prepare them for new job roles. 

Apart from technical and functional skills training, courses are also provided to enhance employees’ management capabilities, supervisory skills and personal effectiveness.

Sembcorp Marine supports subcontractors by providing training and conducting assessments in specific trades to ensure that their employees acquire the necessary technical skills and knowledge.



Recognising Performance and Contributions

We recognise the importance of creating a rewarding and conducive work environment as part of our commitment towards employee recognition, engagement and care.

Sembcorp Marine has merit-based processes to recognise and reward employees for their contributions and achievements. Under the performance management system, employees are assessed using a balanced score card approach based on objective criteria.

Catering to the overall wellbeing of its employees, the Group offers a wide range of health and wellness programmes ranging from talks and workshops to sports and recreational activities. 


Engaging Employees


Sembcorp Marine seeks to foster an inclusive, cohesive and supportive work environment for employees. Team-building initiatives, social activities, recreational outings, sporting events, competitive games and festive gatherings are regularly organised to encourage employee-bonding.

Sembcorp Marine communicates with employees through a range of platforms, including staff induction, training workshops and briefings, newsletters and memos, as well as intranet portals and the company website. Through these channels, employees are aligned with the Group’s core values, policies, Code of Business Conduct, best practices and programmes in the areas of risk management, corporate governance, whistle-blowing, workplace safety and health as well as quality and security management.

Open communication is valued and employees are encouraged to share their inputs during dialogue sessions, focus group discussions, staff retreats and surveys. The feedback collected allows the Group to gain insights into employees’ perspectives, preferences and concerns, along with their suggestions for improvement.

Strengthening union-management ties and tripartite relations with is another important part of creating a harmonious work environment. To reinforce tripartite synergy and cohesiveness, we actively engage our unions and stakeholders in matters concerning our employees such as remuneration, worker safety and welfare, and skills upgrading.


Health and Wellness



Sembcorp Marine is committed to the health, safety and wellness of its employees. The Group provides comprehensive medical facilities, emergency management systems as well as health and wellness programmes to ensure the welfare and well-being of its employees and stakeholders. 

Various initiatives to educate employees on chronic and infectious disease prevention are also in place to prevent ailments such as dengue fever, malaria, yellow fever and mosquito-borne viruses. Regular fumigation, treatments, and site checks for preventing mosquito  breeding are conducted at Sembcorp  Marine’s various yard locations.

Furthering the holistic well-being of employees is another area of focus. Various talks on healthy lifestyle, work-life balance and stress management were regularly organised. A range of healthy lifestyle initiatives, sporting activities, competitions and outdoor events  as well as exercise programmes are offered to encourage active living among employees. 



Sembcorp Marine practises sustainable employment by fostering an inclusive culture and an equal-opportunity work environment that respects our employees’ diversity and rights. The Group is a signatory to the Tripartite Guidelines on Fair Employment Practices in Singapore.  We also pledged our commitment to Sustainable Employment Practices proposed by Singapore Business Federation and have enhanced recruitment practices with the adoption of “Employer Pays Principle” (EPP).


Sembcorp Marine respects human rights and aligns our labour practices with globally recognised standards and principles by international advocacy organisations such as the United Nations, International Labour Organization, Building Responsibly and Ethical Trading Initiative.  Our commitment to Human Rights is articulated in Sembcorp Marine’s Human Resource policies which follow the social performance guidelines in the SA8000 standard. These policies advocate fair treatment of employees and responsible employment practices. The Sembcorp Marine Code of Business Conduct and Supplier Code of Conduct further encapsulate our Human Rights expectations on employees, vendors and suppliers.  






People are the driving force behind our progress and every employee is a valuable asset to us. Join Us!