Customer Alignment

Growing a strong customer base, creating brand loyalty and building trust are vital to Sembcorp Marine’s profitability and growth. It is crucial to have a keen understanding of the market environment in order to develop products and solutions that fulfil the needs and requirements of customers.

Sembcorp Marine aims to be the partner of choice for offshore, marine and energy customers. The Group’s consistent performance has been demonstrated through an established track record of safe and timely project deliveries that meet customers’ quality, safety, security and environmental requirements.


Customer Alignment Approach

As a provider of engineering solutions to the global offshore, marine and energy industries, Sembcorp Marine is proud of our customer-centric culture. We focus on building long-term partnerships based on a thorough and continuous understanding of our customers’ requirements. By delivering safe, cost-competitive and reliable products and services that satisfy their expectations, we aspire to be our customers’ partner of choice.

Our working relationships with industry players often go beyond the project scope. By collaborating with customers, vendors and suppliers in critical areas such as R&D, cyber-security, workplace safety and health, and sustainability management, we multiply our contributions across the value chain.

Our Customer Alignment approach focuses on three strategic thrusts:

  • Forging strong relationships;
  • Enhancing customer satisfaction; and 
  • Building trust


Building successful long-term relationships with customers is vital to business sustainability and growth. A customer-centric approach and an established track record of project deliveries have enabled the Group to nurture confidence and trust among its customers.

Through active engagement, close cooperation and open communication, Sembcorp Marine has forged long-term partnerships and grown its customer base to include leading players and established firms in the offshore, marine and energy sectors. Alliance Agreement and Favoured Customer Contract (FCC) partners as well as regular customers account for majority of the clientele for repairs and upgrades, providing the Group with a resilient base-load for sustainable growth. This also provides opportunities for Sembcorp Marine and its customers to work closely in innovating and achieving continuous improvements.

Sembcorp Marine manages its customer relationship activities through diverse platforms to ensure constant engagement with the customer project teams, work groups and senior management. The Group employs a structured framework to capture information, feedback, expectations and recommendations which are evaluated, translated into strategic action plans and cascaded across the organisation for improvements.

Sembcorp Marine also participates in major trade exhibitions and marketing road shows to connect with prospects and existing customers, and to promote the Group’s capabilities and solutions. These activities effectively enlarge its market reach and generate business leads.



Sembcorp Marine actively solicits feedback on its design, quality and responsiveness, so as to better understand customers’ needs and preferences, improve its products, services and processes, and in turn deliver greater customer satisfaction. A structured customer feedback system is in place to regularly collect qualitative and quantitative feedback through formal surveys and various other engagement platforms.

Customer satisfaction is a key performance indicator for the Group. Customer retention and satisfaction levels are tracked as key indicators for economic performance and business resilience. The Group employs a structured framework to capture information, feedback, expectations and recommendations which are evaluated, translated into strategic action plans and cascaded across the organisation for improvements.

As part of the yards’ performance assessment, each project is concluded with evaluation forms to ensure that customer feedback continues to drive improvements within the organisation. These processes undergo regular reviews and are adapted by various yard facilities based on the nature of business, project timeline and type of customers. 



Sembcorp Marine’s proven execution capabilities as well as on-time and on-budget delivery track record underpin the Group’s reputation for excellence in customer experience and satisfaction. To achieve timely project delivery, Sembcorp Marine carefully manages its value chain and maintains robust engineering development and project management processes.

HSE considerations are taken into account at all stages of the Group’s product life cycle management – from design, engineering and procurement through to production and delivery. To ensure product safety and reliability, impact assessments such as HAZID and HAZOP studies are conducted to fulfil customers’ specifications and relevant standards required by classification societies, IMO, regulatory agencies as well as state and port regulations.

Sembcorp Marine’s operational excellence is supported by stringent quality, safety and environmental management system processes. Its compliance regime includes ISO 9000, ISO 45001, ISO 14001, and ISO 37001 with annual internal audits, periodic external audits, management reviews and customer project audits.



On top of delivering superior products and services, Sembcorp Marine upholds high standards of data privacy protection, business integrity and security to safeguard the interests of its customers; including their intangible properties and assets.

The Group complies with Singapore Personal Data Protection Act and does not use or disclose customers’ data without consent. Supported by cyber security and data protection measures, it observes ethical business practices and customer confidentiality in accordance with the terms of commercial contracts and agreements.

Strict security measures are also in place to protect customers’ physical assets. Sembcorp Marine’s yards comply with the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code and have stringent security systems in place, including 24-hour security surveillance and strict access controls to monitor the entry of personnel at key locations and work sites. Joint inspections and emergency drills involving government security agencies are also regularly conducted in the yards and their surrounding areas.


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Regular engagement via multiple platforms at different levels of operation and management enables Sembcorp Marine to build a holistic approach to engaging customers. The Group maintains close communication with its customers to understand their needs and expectations. To ensure timely response to any issues or concerns, customers have 24/7 access to Sembcorp Marine service representatives throughout the different stages of project execution – from the initial engineering and procurement phases through to project execution and final delivery. 

The Group also collaborates with customers to create and promote shared values in the workplace and in the community. These joint efforts include teambuilding activities, workplace safety and health events, innovation carnivals, best-practice exchanges, networking functions as well as community initiatives such as the Green Wave Environmental Care Competition.