Community Engagement

Sembcorp Marine is committed to be a positive agent for social advancement and value creation.

We embrace our role as an active corporate citizen and a caring organisation by championing a wide range of community improvement and industry development initiatives to make a positive difference to society. Our employees also participate in community projects and volunteer activities to reach out and show their care to those in need within the community.

As part of the community engagement thrust of our corporate social responsibility programme, we focus our efforts on advancing causes relating to ‘youth and education’, ‘environmental care’, ‘community care’, ‘active lifestyle’, and ‘industry outreach’.

Sembcorp Marine’s community engagement strategy is aligned with the UN Sustainability Development Goals and ISO 26000 Guidance on Social Responsibility. As part of its community engagement framework, regular reviews are conducted to ensure the effectiveness of the Group’s community and industry development programmes. In addition, periodic assessments are done to evaluate impacts and gather feedback from community and industry partners to ensure that programme objectives and the needs of beneficiaries are met.



Youth and Education

The Group has several key programmes that demonstrate its strong support for youth and education in Singapore. 

  • SchoolBAG 
    Initiated in 2001, Sembcorp Marine’s School Book Assistance Grant (SchoolBAG) programme provides support to students from financially disadvantaged families with grants to subsidise their school expenses and enrichment programmes. In 2020, we gave out $179,900 to 858 student beneficiaries in Singapore.

  • ITE Financial Assistance Grant 
    Sembcorp Marine, together with the Institute of Technical Education (ITE), introduced a new Financial Assistance Grant programme in 2018 for students of ITE. Under the programme, ITE engineering students requiring financial support receive a monthly allowance of $600. A total of $576,000 in grants has been disbursed since the start of the programme. In 2020, $284,000 was committed to student beneficiaries. 

  • INSIGHT Programme
    The INSIGHT Programme was initiated in 2018 to spark students’ interest and passion in offshore and marine engineering. As part of the programme,  visits to our Singapore yards are organised for students and teaching staff to witness key project construction milestones with the aim of deepening their understanding of industry practices and operational processes.  

Sembcorp Marine strives to provide equal opportunities for children and youths to develop their potential and pursue their dreams. We regularly sponsor book prizes given by educational institutions to honour students who excel in their studies and co-curricular activities. We also provide academic awards and bursaries to encourage and support students in their educational journey.

In addition, we champion and advance research initiatives by educational institutions at the tertiary level. We have contributed $10 million to the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) for the establishment of the Sembcorp Marine Lab @ NTU, an advanced research facility that focuses on developing cutting-edge technologies and solutions for the offshore and marine industry. In addition, we also support several educational and industry mentorship projects that promote innovation, competitiveness and sustainable solutions development for the offshore and marine industry.


Environmental Care

We launched our Green Wave Environmental Care Competition in 2003 to raise awareness of environmental protection and preservation. The Green Wave competition is an annual initiative that encourages children and youth in Singapore and the region to apply their creative talent in developing innovative environmental projects. The event also serves as a platform for us to engage industry stakeholders and community leaders in championing the green cause. For more information on the Green Wave competition, please click here.

We continue to support sustainable use, development and stewardship of the seas through our membership in the World Ocean Council, an international non-profit organisation that champions maritime sustainability through industry leadership and collaboration. We also actively support and participate in forums and conferences that raise awareness of climate action and environmental sustainability.


Community Care

As part of its community care efforts, Sembcorp Marine contributes actively to sustainability, social improvement and community development.

Through our corporate giving programme, we extend care and support to those in need within the community through avenues such as donations, sponsorships, staff volunteering efforts and community service. We have close links with our adopted charity, the Yishun Students Care Service, and actively support the organisation’s initiatives to positively impact children and youths.

We also support nation-building and community causes through involvement in National Day Parade events and various projects that promote social cohesion, improvement and development. 

Besides monetary contributions, our employees also make a difference to the less fortunate through participation in various community projects and volunteerism activities.


Active Lifestyle

Sembcorp Marine furthers the cause of sports, health and active living by contributing to events and activities that promote community interaction, social cohesion and family bonding. Other programmes we supported include sporting workshops for youths and fund-raising charity tournaments.

We also support the growth and development of arts and culture and in Singapore through several platforms − including the sponsorship of concerts, art exhibitions and museum projects − to foster greater creativity, passion and vibrancy within the community.


Industry Outreach

In partnership with industry organisations and associations, we actively promote the industry and extend our outreach through various national and international platforms. These programmes include trade exhibitions, training courses, dialogue sessions, award presentations as well as networking activities.

Serving Industry and Public

To promote and support the advancement and sustainable development of Singapore’s offshore and marine industry, Sembcorp Marine senior management staff volunteer their time and expertise through various industry associations and public councils where they hold appointments (listed below). The Group also establish collaborations with industry partners and participate in relevant external programmes.

In 2020, our President & CEO, Mr Wong Weng Sun, was appointed the Co-chair of the International Advisory Panel on Maritime Decarbonisation (IAP)

  • Association of Singapore Marine Industries (ASMI) Council
  • Global Compact Network Singapore (GCNS)

  • Energy Studies Institute (ESI) Board
  • Industry Advisory Panel of Nanyang Technological University (NTU) School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

  • Institute of Technical Education (ITE) Engineering Academic Advisory Member Committee

  • International Advisory Panel on Maritime Decarbonisation (IAP)
  • Marine and Offshore Sectoral Tripartite Committee

  • Ngee Ann Polytechnic (NP) School of Engineering Advisory Committee

  • Singapore Institute of Technology-Newcastle University (SIT-NU) Industry Advisory Committee for Joint-degree Programmes in Marine Engineering, Naval Architecture and Offshore Engineering
  • Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) Industry Advisory Committee for Joint DigiPen SIT Programme

  • Singapore Maritime Foundation (SMF) Board

  • Singapore Maritime Institute (SMI) Board & Governing Council

  • Singapore Maritime Institute (SMI) International Advisory Panel Committee

  • Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers Singapore Committee and Council

  • University of Glasgow (UoG) Singapore Industry Liaison Committee

  • Workplace Safety and Health 2028 (WSH2028) Tripartite Strategy Committee


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