Nurturing a Culture of Innovation

The spirit of innovation resonates throughout the entire company. We view all managers and employees as potential change agents and empower them to lead, think creatively, encourage continuous learning and improvement.

Working closely with stakeholders

Working closely with stakeholders

The Group has in place an innovation framework integrated into all aspects of the yards’ operations. This has resulted in successful contributions to product and process innovations to enhance business competitiveness, quality, cost-effectiveness, productivity as well as health, safety, security and environment (HSSE).

At Sembcorp Marine, continuous workplace improvement is driven through several engagement platforms, including innovation competitions, suggestion schemes and feedback channels, to motivate employees to generate new ideas and introduce effective solutions.

Knowledge-exchange platforms for innovation such as company exhibitions also reach out to contractor partners and supply chain stakeholders to encourage the development of work processes which accelerate adoption of workplace safety & health best practices, increased productivity ideas and improved personal ownership of workplace safety and health.


Work process improvements in the yard

Innovation-driven suggestion schemes and development programmes involving employees and close stakeholders have played an important role to Sembcorp Marine’s constant process improvement in the yards. Some notable innovations include:




This fatigue-free flat-bottom hydroblaster features a hydro-jet mounted with a rotatable turret and wheels. Four units have been produced for operations in our Admiralty location and reduces required manpower by over 60%. Safer, more effective and ergonomically-friendly for employees and contractors, this project received the gold Workplace Safety and Health Innovations award by the Association of Singapore Marine Industries in 2015.



Developed together with contractor partners, the Roller Pad minimises hazardous inertia energy during the lifting process of heavy pre-fabricated blocks. Awarded a gold Workplace Safety and Health Innovations award by the Association of Singapore Marine Industries in 2015, four units have been rolled out in the Sembcorp Marine Tuas Road Yard, reducing the cost and manpower required for this operation by more than half.




The Propeller Carrier is an out-of-box solution to increase the safety and efficiency of large-scale propeller work. In addition to reducing the number of manhours required for this operation, this equipment greatly reduces the risks associated with hot works. This product is utilised in the Sembcorp Marine Tuas Boulevard Yard to increase efficiency and mitigate workplace safety risks.




The Ostium project was developed in 2014 to eliminate the dangers of working at height as well as material handling during the transfer of copper grit from smaller skids to the containment hopper. Featuring a modified containerment hopper and remote operation control system, the project was awarded a national gold recognition at the WSHC Workplace Safety and Health Innovation Awards.