10 Jan 2022

Sembcorp Marine Completes Final Delivery of Tyra West Topside Modules and Bridges for the Tyra Redevelopment Project

Completion of Tyra West facilities, which include two wellhead topsides, one riser topside and two bridges, mirrors earlier success achieved for the Tyra East facilities – further affirming Sembcorp Marine’s offshore fabrication expertise

Achievement of production milestones, despite COVID-19 challenges, for both phases of TotalEnergies’ and Danish Underground Consortium’s Tyra Redevelopment Project demonstrates Sembcorp Marine’s operational resilience, flexibility and capabilities


Singapore, 10 January 2022 – Sembcorp Marine Ltd. (the “Company”, together with its subsidiaries, the “Group”) has successfully delivered two wellhead topsides, one riser topside and two bridges (“modules and bridges”) to TotalEnergies EP Denmark (“TotalEnergies”) and the Danish Underground Consortium (“DUC”) for the Tyra Field in the Danish North Sea. TotalEnergies operates the Tyra Field on behalf of the DUC – a partnership consisting of TotalEnergies (43.2 percent), Noreco (36.8 percent) and Nordsoefonden (20 percent).

The sailaway of the Tyra West modules and bridges from Sembcorp Marine Admiralty Yard today marks the second and final phase of the Group’s project undertaking for TotalEnergies and DUC’s Tyra Redevelopment Project.

The Group completed the first phase of the project last year, with the sailaway of the Tyra East modules and bridges in July 2021. The two wellhead topsides, one riser topside and two bridges are currently being hooked-up and commissioned onsite at the Tyra East Redevelopment Field.

Including the latest deliveries, the Group has completed a total of four wellhead topsides, two riser topsides and four bridges for the Tyra Redevelopment Project.

The successful completion of the modules and bridges, amid unprecedented COVID-19 challenges, affirms the Group’s operational resilience, flexibility and capabilities. Sembcorp Marine was able to leverage its global supply chain and logistics networks to achieve its customer’s production milestones and meet exacting quality, safety, health and environmental requirements.

Sembcorp Marine is pleased to have contributed to the redevelopment of Tyra’s energy infrastructure – envisioned to be a high-tech production and natural gas export hub over the next 25 years to support the operators’ pursuit of making their operations more sustainable.

Sembcorp Marine Head of Offshore Platforms, Mr Samuel Wong, said, “We are very pleased to complete the final phase of our project for TotalEnergies and DUC’s Tyra Redevelopment. We are heartened by the close collaboration with TotalEnergies. Since the award of the contract in 2019, we have worked as one team and in even tighter partnership to overcome and rise above the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Thank you for entrusting Sembcorp Marine with Tyra and the continued confidence in the Group. Today, we celebrate a significant milestone with the sailaway of the remaining modules and bridges.”

Head of Tyra Redevelopment for TotalEnergies said, “Today we celebrate the sailaway of the Tyra West facilities towards the North Sea. This is a key step forward for the Tyra Redevelopment Project and marks another successful conclusion to the long collaboration TotalEnergies has with Sembcorp Marine. The Sembcorp Marine and TotalEnergies teams deserve my appreciation as they’ve stayed relentless, committed and resilient to deliver six production topsides and four bridges according to agreed schedule despite constant challenges in a COVID-19 pandemic environment.”


Sailaway of TotalEnergies’ topsides and bridges for Tyra West Redevelopment Field (Photo: SCM, all Rights reserved)


Delivery of two wellhead topsides, a riser topside and two bridges for the Tyra West facilities marks the completion of the final phase of Tyra Redevelopment Project at Sembcorp Marine (Photo: SCM, all Rights reserved)


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