21 Sep 2018

Disclosure of Changes in Interest of Substantial Shareholder

Name of Substantial Shareholder:Temasek Holdings (Private) Limited
Notification in respect of:

Change in the percentage level of interest while still remaining a Substantial Shareholder/Unitholder.

Temasek does not have a direct interest in voting shares of the Listed Issuer.

Change in percentage level of its deemed interest in the shares from 61.56% to 62.05% due to 10,336,800 shares transferred to Fullerton pursuant to the Investment Management Agreement dated 12 March 2018 between NTUC Income Holdings Pte Ltd and Fullerton.

Date of change in interest:18 Sep 2018
Date of notification to Listed Issuer:20 Sep 2018
Immediately before the transaction: 
No. of voting shares1,285,776,885
As a percentage of total no. of voting shares61.56
Immediately after the transaction: 
No. of voting shares1,296,113,685
As a percentage of total no. of voting shares62.05


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