14 Sep 2020

Corrigendum to the Announcement dated 11 August 2020

The directors of the Company refer to the Company’s announcement dated 11 August 2020 (the “11 August Announcement”). Unless otherwise defined, all capitalised terms and references used herein shall bear the same meanings ascribed to them in the 11 August Announcement.

The Company had announced in the 11 August Announcement that, among others, Dr Teh Kok Peng, a director of Sembcorp Industries Ltd (“SCI”), had a direct interest in 20,000 Shares as at the Latest Practicable Date.

Subsequent to the release of the 11 August Announcement, the Company was further notified that, upon further verification and clarification between SCI and Dr Teh Kok Peng, as at the Latest Practicable Date, Dr Teh Kok Peng had an interest in an aggregate of 40,000 Shares1 (instead of 20,000 Shares as previously disclosed in the 11 August Announcement).

For the avoidance of doubt, in the event of any conflicts or inconsistencies between the 11 August Announcement and this announcement, the corrections and disclosures set out in this announcement will prevail.


1 Dr Teh Kok Peng had an interest in these 40,000 Shares prior to the announcement of the Transaction on 8 June 2020 and such holdings had been inadvertently omitted in previous disclosures to the Company.



Tan Yah Sze
Company Secretary

Singapore, 14 September 2020 


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