06 Dec 2004

A Milestone Achievement for Jurong Shipyard

Jurong Shipyard, a subsidiary of SembCorp Marine achieves a significant milestone today when the newly constructed semi-submersible rig will be officially named “GlobalSantaFe Development Driller II” by Lady Sponsor, Mrs Yvette Sprague, wife of Mr Jonathan Sprague, the Atlantis Wells Delivery Manager of BP.

The GlobalSantaFe Development Driller II is the second of two Friede and Goldman ExD-designed fifth-generation dynamic positioning ultra deepwater semi-submersible rig built by Jurong Shipyard for GlobalSantaFe Corporation (GSF), a leading worldwide oil and drilling contractor. The first unit, “GSF Development Driller I” was earlier named on October 12, 2004 by Mrs Christina Bruton in a christening ceremony held in the shipyard.

On April 2001, Jurong Shipyard in collaboration with sister company PPL Shipyard entered into a fixed price agreement with GlobalSantaFe Corporation for the construction of two units of Friede & Goldman ExD-designed deepwater semi-submersible drilling rigs. Valued at US$285 million each, inclusive of equipment, project management and other services furnished by client, the scope of work entails furnishing labour and materials to design, construct, equip, complete, test and deliver to GSF these drilling units.

The fast-track newbuilding of GSF Development Driller II represents an engineering feat in the region, with work commenced in November 2002 and delivery scheduled in the first quarter of 2005. The semi-submersible drilling rig was built using Jurong Shipyardís breakthrough “Load-out and Mating-in-Dock” method, involving the simultaneous construction and subsequent skidding and mating of the upper and lower hulls. Through this innovative, world’s first technique, and leveraging from the experience gained from building the first semi-submersible, Jurong Shipyard was able to speed up the rigbuilding process, while meeting high quality and safety standards.

Development Driller II, measuring 98.82m (length) x 78.68m (beam) x 36.0m (height, keel to deck), is capable of drilling in water depths up to and beyond 7,500 feet. Engineered to meet the requirements of drilling in the challenging deepwater arena, it is designed for stability and versatility, with 18,000 square feet of useable deck space, 46,000 tons of operating displacement and more than 7,000 metric tonnes of variable deck load. The rig is also equipped with unique station-keeping abilities, comprising a stand-alone dynamic positioning system and a self-contained eight point mooring system, and multiple activity features to enable simultaneous operations on the drill floor, in the moon pool and on the main deck.

Mr Wong Weng Sun, Managing Director of Jurong Shipyard said “̀The naming of GSF Development Driller II represents a significant advance in Jurong Shipyardís entry into the highly sophisticated semi-submersible rig building market. GSF Development Driller II and sister rig Development Driller I are among the most technologically advanced drilling rigs in the world. The construction success of these two rigs is a testimony of Jurong Shipyard’s rig building forte and the efficacy of the shipyard’s ‘Load-out and Mating-in-Dock’ technique.”

On delivery, GSF Development Driller II will be deployed on a three-year charterto British Petroleum (BP) for developmental work on the company’s Atlantis project in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico.

About SembCorp Marine

SembCorp Marine is the marine engineering arm of SembCorp Industries, Asia’s foremost engineering services group. A leading global marine engineering group, SembCorp Marine specializes and is internationally renowned for its expertise in ship repair, shipbuilding, ship conversion, rig construction and offshore oil and gas engineering. With a combined dock capacity of 2.8 million dwt, the Group offers one of the largest marine engineering facilities through a worldwide network of 11 strategically located shipyards ñ 4 in Singapore, 5 in China and 1 each in Indonesia and Brazil. These shipyards include Jurong Shipyard, Sembawang Shipyard, Jurong SML Shipyard and PPL Shipyard in Singapore; Karimun Sembawang Shipyard in Indonesia; Cosco (Dalian), Cosco (Nantong), Cosco (Shanghai), Cosco (Zhoushan) and Cosco (Guangzhou) Shipyards in China; and Mau· Jurong in Brazil.

About Jurong Shipyard

Jurong Shipyard, a wholly owned subsidiary of SembCorp Marine, is a leading shipyard offering integrated solutions in ship repair, shipbuilding, ship conversion, rig building and offshore engineering. Sprawling over a total of 65 hectares in 2 locations, Jurong Shipyard operates four graving docks with a total capacity of 1,100,000 dwt and berthing quays stretching over a total length of 2,728 metres with a maximum draft of 9 metres.

About GlobalSantaFe Corporation

GlobalSantaFe Corporation is a leading offshore worldwide oil and gas drilling contractor offering a full range of turnkey drilling solutions, premium equipment and drilling management services. In addition to the new newbuild development drillers in Jurong Shipyard, GlobalSantaFe currently owns a diverse and technologically advanced fleet of 57 offshore rigs including premium and heavy-duty, harsh environment jackups, semi-submersibles and dynamically positionedultra-deepwater drillships.

About British Petroleum

British Petroleum (BP) is an integrated oil, gas and petrochemicals company with core operations in upstream, mid-stream and downstream markets, ranging from the exploration and production of crude oil and natural gas; refining, marketing, supply and transportation; to the manufacture and marketing of petrochemicals. In the area of oil exploration and production, the company has interests in 25 countries, with main areas of activity in the USA, UK, Russia, Norway, Canada, South America, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. The BP Group has business operations in more than 100 countries with well-established businesses in Europe, North and South America, Australasia and Africa.

About Atlantis Field Development

The Atlantis development is located in the Atwater Foldbelt, approximately 125 miles south of New Orleans, in the vicinity of Green Canyon Block 743, in water depths ranging from 4,400 to 7,100 feet. Situated in the US Gulf of Mexico, the Atlantis field is believed to have reserves of 575 million barrels of oil equivalent (boe).

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  • Specifications of “GlobalSantaFe Development Driller II”
  • A Friede & Goldman ExD-Designed 5th Generation Deepwater Semi-submersible Drilling Rig
  • Capable of drilling as a dynamically positioned (DPS-2) drilling rig in water depths up to 2286 metres (7,500 ft) for operations in moderate environment and conventionally moored in water depths up to 1524 metres (5,000 ft)
  • Designed for operations in the Gulf of Mexico, offshore Brazil and West Africa, etc
  • Principal Dimensions
    Length :98.82m
    Beam :78.68m
    Height :36.0m
    (Keel to Main Deck)
    Upper Hull Structure
    Length :74.42m
    Beam :74.42m
    Height :8.6m
    Length :98.82m
    Width :20.12m
    Depth :8.54m
    Length :15.86m
    Beam :15.86m
    Corner Radius :3.96m
    42,670MT at 17m draft (operational)


    GlobalSantaFe Development Driller II, the second of two Friede & Goldmand ExD-designed fifth-generation dynamic positioning ultra deepwater semi-submersible rig built by Jurong Shipyard for GlobalSantaFe Corporation