Sembcorp Marine Tuas Boulevard Yard

Sembcorp Marine Tuas Boulevard Yard is a new generation smart yard designed to maximise operational synergy, production efficiency and critical mass with optimised docking and berthing facilities, an improved dock and quay ratio, a centralised work-efficient layout and integrated facilities. Tuas Boulevard Yard sharpens Sembcorp Marine’s competitive edge by enabling the Group to achieve greater productivity and efficiency in delivering innovative, value-added and cost-efficient solutions to customers.

Tuas Boulevard Yard serves a wide range of vessels and rigs, including VLCCs, new generations of mega-containerships, LNG carriers and passenger ships. Currently spanning 108 hectares, it has room for further expansion on the 206 hectares of land it occupies at Tuas South Boulevard in the western part of Singapore.


  • The natural deep waters at the yard enable the installation of thrusters for semi-submersibles without having to tow the rig to sea;
  • Robotic welding shop
  • Reinforced open areas for block pre-erection as well as block erection and assembly work;
  • Reinforced load-out area for offshore platforms of up to 20,000 tonnes;
  • Finger piers and basins ranging from 210m to 450m, with 9m – 21m draft allowing ultra deepwater semi-submersible rigs and cruise vessels to be berthed without restrictions;
  • Total 6.6km net quay length;

  • Gantry cranes with up to 30,000-tonne capacity;
  • Sheltered all-weather steel fabrication workshop, extensively automated and with a yearly production capacity of 144,000 tonnes of steel components;
  • The region’s longest and deepest ship repair drydock, accommodating container carriers of up to 18,000 TEU; and
  • Dedicated drydock for construction and repair of offshore structures.


  • Largest of its kind in Southeast Asia at 120,000sqm

  • Operational in all weather conditions

  • Extensive automation for maximum production efficiency

  • Man-hours and production time half of previous requirements for every tonne of steel fabricated


  • Pre-treatment

  • Marking & Cutting

  • Panel Line

  • Plate Blending and Rolling

  • Deck House Assembly

  • T-Bar and H-Beam

  • Module Fabrication

  • Sub-Assembly and Assembly


  • Flat & curved blocks for assembly into ship hulls

  • Components for topside modules

  • Customised shapes and dimensions

YST D1Drydock350m x 66m x (-8.5m)350,000 dwt
YST D2Drydock
(wide enough for rigs)
360m x 89m x (-8.5m)500,000 dwt
YST D3Drydock412m x 66m x (-11.0m)350,000 dwt
YST D4Drydock350m x 66m x (-8.5m)350,000 dwt
Drydock255m x 52m x (-8m)
150,000 dwt
YST D6Drydock255m x 52m x (-8m)150,000 dwt
YST D7Drydock255m x 110m x (-12m)Offshore drydocking


Quay YST 01210m12m
Quay YST 02375m9m
Quay YST 03375m9m
Quay YST 04300m9m
Quay YST 05400m9m
Quay YST 06318m15m
Quay YST 07318m15m
Quay YST 08318m15m
Quay YST 09318m15m
Quay YST 10318m15m
Quay YST 11318m15m
Quay YST 12350m9m
Quay YST 13300m9m
Quay YST 14250m9m
Quay YST 15450m15m – 21m
Quay YST 16450m15m – 21m
Quay YST 17450m12m
Quay YST 18400m9m
Quay YST 19391m9m – 12m


Dry Dock

2 x 15,000 tonnes (Gantry)
2 x 600 tonnes (Gantry)
5 x 100 tonnes
5 x 50 tonnes

Quay Side

1 x 300 tonnes
10 x 50 tonnes
2 x 40 tonnes
3 x 10 tonnes
1 x 5 tonnes

Fabrication Area

1 x 400 tonnes (Gantry)
2 x 300 tonnes (Gantry)

Mechanical Workshop

2 x 30 tonnes (Overhead)
2 x 20 tonnes (Overhead)
15 x 2 tonnes (Jib)

Electrical Workshop

1 x 10 tonnes (Overhead)
1 x 5 tonnes (Gantry)
2 x 2 tonnes (Jib)

Floating Cranes

1 x 3,600 tonnes
1 x 1,500 tonnes
1 x 800 tonnes


Project Coordination Centre14,700m2 
Robotic Welding Shop5,320m2
Equipped with robotic welding machines, overhead cranes, transfer cars and block transporters
Mobile Shelters11,000m2
Enclosed Blasting / Painting Workshops16,200m2
Mechanical Workshop5,280m2
– Full chemical cleaning facilities with ultrasonic cleaning tank and automated parts-washing / wet-blasting machines

– Versatile machining capabilities for a full range of vessels

Learning Centre7,500m2
Electrical Workshop1,740m2 dedicated to providing
full range of electrical support
and repair services, including
overhaul/rewind of an array
of A.C/D.C motors, generators and
transformers as well as 8-tonne
dynamic balancing capacity
Cryogenic Equipment Workshop800m2 sheltered temperature/
humidity-controlled facilities
with capacity to overhaul
up to 12 cryogenic pumps and
30 valves at any point
Exotic Pipe Fabrication Workshop800m2 sheltered temperature/
facilities dedicated to the
fabrication of exotic pipes
Customer’s Office8,300m2