Gravifloat, a Sembcorp Marine subsidiary, designs and holds patents for a suite of redeployable, modularised solutions based on its unique near-shore floating yet gravity-based LNG terminal solutions. From initial design, through construction and delivery, to installation and commissioning, Gravifloat offers customers across the LNG value chain a compelling alternative to existing onshore and floating LNG facilities.

Gravifloat terminals are a more cost-competitive solution compared with FSRUs (floating storage and regasification units), FLNG and land terminals and can be designed for both liquefaction and receiving terminal services.

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Headquartered in Bergen, Norway, Gravifloat has representatives in Oslo, Hanoi, Bangkok and Singapore.

Gravifloat AS
Robert Sumantri
Vice President, Rigs & Floaters
Tel: (65) 6971 7291

Patrick Tan
Vice President, Rigs & Floaters
Tel: (65) 6971 7286