Repairs & Upgrades

We offer proactive and holistic solutions based on establishing deep relationships.  We work across all types of vessel projects – from the routine to the most complex.

Product Areas:

  • Repair, refurbishment, retrofitting, life-extension, upgrading and conversion of vessels, marine and offshore structures
  • Specialised projects, including jumboisation and dejumboisation
  • Gas carriers (LNG and LPG)
  • Cruiseships, ferries and mega-yachts
  • Floating production vessels, MODUs
  • Tankers, container and cargo ships

Marine Repair Services:

  • Afloat and Emergency Repairs
  • Underwater Cleaning and Repairs
  • Main Engine Maintenance and Repairs
  • Mechanical Repairs
  • Steel and Pipe Work
  • Electrical and Instrumentation Repairs
  • Motor Rewind Repairs
  • Specialists Service Providers and Navigation, Automation, Safety and Fire Protection
  • Tank Cleaning, Sludge and Oily Waste Disposal
  • Staging Works
  • Hydro Jetting and Hydro/Vacuum Blasting
  • Riding Crew and Voyage Repairs
  • Specialised Workshop Repairs and Reconditioning
  • Vessel Towage and Port Clearance Arrangements

Being a total solutions provider for afloat services, we also provide marine management and husbandry capabilities.

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View some of our past ship repair and upgrade projects for our customers below: