Investors’ FAQ


When was Sembcorp Marine Ltd incorporated?
Sembcorp Marine, formerly known as Jurong Shipyard Limited, was incorporated on 25 April 1963. The company was listed on 18 September 1987 and underwent a name change in 2000 to Sembcorp Marine Ltd.
What are the details of Sembcorp Marine’s listing?
Our listing details are as follow:
Listed onMainboard of the Singapore Exchange (SGX)
Listing Date18-Sep-87
Trading Lot Size100 shares
SGX Stock CodeS51
What are Sembcorp Marine’s ticker codes?
SGX Stock CodeS51
Bloomberg TickerSMM:SP
Reuters TickerSCMN.SI
What is Sembcorp Marine’s share capital?

Based on information available to Sembcorp Marine as at 9 March 2020, approximately 38.63% of the issued ordinary shares of the Company is held by the public.

More information can be found in the shareholders’ information of our latest annual report here.

Issued and fully paid up capitalS$486,216,989.74
Number of issued shares2,090,904,569
Number of treasury shares416,840
Number of shareholders39,527
Class of shares and voting rights

Ordinary shares with equal voting rights

(Ordinary shares purchased and held as treasury shares by the Company will have no voting rights)

How do I obtain date and venue details of your AGM?

The Notice of AGM which includes details of the event is annually made available to our shareholders and the public through:

  • The financial calendar, annual general meeting and announcements sections of this website
  • Singapore Stock Exchange website
  • Annual report of the relevant financial year, typically in the last few pages
  • Emailed to those who have subscribed to our alerts service
  • Published as a newspaper advertisement notice at at least 14 days before the actual date, typically in The Business Times
What are the details of your upcoming AGM? 

Sembcorp Marine will be deferring its Annual General Meeting (“AGM”) which was to have been held in April 2020 to a future date to be determined.

This follows:

(i) the notification issued on 24 March 2020 by MOH stating that all events and mass gatherings must be deferred or cancelled regardless of size;

(ii) the joint statement issued on 25 March 2020 by ACRA, MAS and SGX RegCo stating that all listed issuers are expected to comply with MOH’s safe distancing measures, and that legislative amendments are being proposed for Parliament sitting in April 2020 in relation to the conduct of meetings (which include allowing issuers the flexibility to hold meetings by virtual means);

(iii) the press release issued on 31 March 2020 by the Ministry of Law and the Ministry of Finance on COVID-19 relief measures and the upcoming legislative provisions to provide legal certainty on holding of meetings; and

(iv) the further joint statement issued on 31 March 2020 by ACRA, MAS and SGX RegCo giving updated guidance on general meetings.

The Company will update shareholders on the date of the AGM and the procedures for participation after the legislative amendments to facilitate the holding of the AGM have been passed, and the necessary arrangements have been put in place in order to adopt the recommended measures for conducting meetings (as appropriate) and implement the safe distancing measures put in place by MOH. The AGM notice and other accompanying documents will be sent to shareholders in due course.

Details of the announcement can be found here.   

Where can I find documents on the most recent AGM?

More information can be found at the annual general meeting section of the website.

Who are Sembcorp Marine’s Board of Directors and key executives?

Directors11 directors (8 of whom are independent)

Tan Sri Mohd Hassan Marican

(appointed April 22, 2014)

President & Chief Executive Officer

Wong Weng Sun

(appointed May 1, 2009)

How are the Directors selected?

The Board ensures that Directors possess the background, experience and knowledge in technology, business, finance and management skills critical to the Group’s business and that each director should bring to the Board an independent and objective perspective to enable balanced and well considered decisions to be made. Current Directors include business leaders, bankers and professionals with financial and legal backgrounds. The Nominating Committee reviews the composition of the Board and Board committees periodically to ensure that the Board is of an adequate size with the right mix of skills and experience that facilitates effective decision making.

For more information, please refer to the corporate governance section of our annual report here.

Where do I find out more about how Sembcorp Marine grows value for shareholders?

Every year, the Company’s Chairman and CEO update shareholders and stakeholders on business strategy and direction. This is available in the Chairman and CEO’s Report chapter of the annual report which can be referenced here.

The CEO provides subsequent updates every quarter which can be accessed in the financial statements section of the website.

What is Sembcorp Marine’s fiscal year?
1 January to 31 December of the same year.
Does Sembcorp Marine release quarterly financial reports? 

Yes, we report our financial results on a quarterly basis. These can be accessed from the Singapore Stock Exchange’s website as well as the financial statements and stock exchange announcements pages of our corporate website.

The results announcement dates can be found in the financial calendar section.

Where can I obtain a copy of your Annual Report?

Soft copyAnnual reports can be downloaded here  
Hard copy / CDIn our efforts to cater to readers’ requests whilst minimising our environmental impact, Sembcorp Marine continues to produce limited quantities of annual reports in hard copy. To request for a copy which is subject to availability, please email us at or 6265 1766 .
Who are Sembcorp Marine’s auditors?
AuditorsKPMG LLP
When is the final dividend usually paid out?

Payment Date GuidanceFinal dividend is typically announced in February. Book closure date is typically in April, and dividends usually paid in May.
What are the details of the dividend payment for the current year? 

QuarterFY 2019
Dividend TypeFinal
2Q results and dividend announcement date20-Feb-20
Dividend paid per ordinary shareNil
Quarter2Q 2019
Dividend TypeFinal
4Q results and dividend announcement date30-Jul-19
Dividend paid per ordinary shareNil
Details on past dividends can be found at the dividend information section of this website.
What do I do if I have more questions or need help on my dividends? / Who is your Registrar?

For any additional queries, you may contact Sembcorp Marine’s Registrar KCK Corpserve Pte Ltd, 333 North Bridge Road, #08-00 KH Kea Building, Singapore 188721; Tel: 6837 2133.

Who do I contact for investor related questions?
You may call 6265 1766 or email to connect with the Investor Relations team.
How can I keep up to date on Sembcorp Marine’s news?

You may subscribe to our email alerts here.

Alternatively, you can access our stock exchange announcements section, news section and financial calendar section for the related information

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