The Green Wave Objective

The main objective is to inculcate awareness and motivate students to gain a sense of personal and group responsibility for their own environment and in the process, learn how to reason, think critically and act to protect it in a balanced way. The project also hopes to promote innovative thinking among students, encouraging them to develop new ideas, processes and equipment for the betterment of our environment.

Thus, the school environmental care project has 3 major objectives:

  • Encourage learning about the environment
    It aims to inculcate awareness and appreciation of the environment e.g. what are the terms of reference which constitute the environment i.e. local and global environment, past and future environment
  • Develop skills in investigating the environment
    • Understand that environment has different meaning for different cultural, social, political and economic groups of people
    • What resources are used to satisfy the needs and wants of the people in their interaction with the environment
    • Understand that there are varieties of ways in which resources can be managed to meet different wants and needs and that these ways have varying impact on the environment
    • Help students to identify, clarify and analyse alternative views on environmental issues and evaluate possible resolution to them
    • Understand the nature of environmental issues and methods of resolving them
  • Acquire a concern and appreciation for the environment
    • Understand how values influence the environment.
    • How individual student’s own actions and those of others affect the environment
    • Develop positive values towards the environment
    • Adopt personal responsibility and concern for the conservation of the environment