2016 – 2017

NoProjects SupportedBeneficiariesRegion
1Santa Marta “Henode dos Reis” Bridge Renovation Residents of the Barra do Sahy communityBarra do Sahy, Aracruz
2Installation of Video Surveillance System for Aracruz Residents in the Aracruz MunicipalityAracruz
3Partnership in Environmental Educational Programmes for public school children Chico Mendes
Institute for Biodiversity Conservation (ICMBio)
4Project “Learn by Doing”Association of Parents and Friends of the 25th Scout GroupSede, Aracruz
5Project “Building Citizens through Martial Arts”Association of Residents of Bairro Novo IrajáNovo Irajá, Aracruz
6Project “Graffiti Expression and Art”Association of Small Businesses and Individual Micro-entrepreneurs of Barra do SahyBarra do Sahy, Aracruz
7Project “Integration of Adolescents and Young People of the Tupinikim Indigenous Culture”Tupinikim Indigenous Association of Pau Brasil VillagePau Brasil indigenous village, Aracruz
8Project “Jurong Preserving Art”Preservarte InstituteSede e Região da Orla, Aracruz
9Project “Sustainable Model for the Capture, Storage and Use of Rainwater”Bethany Therapeutic CommunityJoão Neiva e Ibiraçu, Aracruz
10Project “We Women – Sustainable Woodworking”Andesa AssociationItaparica e Região, Aracruz
11Project “Cultivating Citizenship” to promote training for strengthening community networksFriends of Justice AssociationSede e Região da Orla, Aracruz
12Project “Zunn Zunn! Education”Beekeepers Association of AracruzSede e Região da Orla, Aracruz
13“Solidarity Christmas” Campaign – Donation of warm clothing, food, diapers and toys Various charities supporting children and adolescentsAracruz
14Winter Clothing Campaign – Donation of winter wear and clothesVarious charities supporting the elderlyAracruz
15Daycare centre renovation and expansion Vovó Jandira Daycare CenterBarra do Riacho