22 Oct 2021

Update on Westlite Jalan Tukang Dormitory (22 October 2021)

Singapore, 22 October 2021 – Sembcorp Marine Ltd (the “Company”) would like to provide a further update on matters concerning its workers residing at Westlite Jalan Tukang Dormitory ​(“Tukang Dorm“).

Catered Meals for the Workers at Tukang Dorm

The Company has in place programmes to engage all newly-arrived foreign workers to understand their concerns and support them in their transition to life in Singapore.  Through our ongoing engagements, we were alerted to concerns on the quality of the catered food for workers residing in Tukang Dorm.

The Company understood the seriousness of these concerns, particularly those pertaining to food hygiene and preparation. Immediate steps were taken to ensure food safety for our workers.

We also commenced an investigation into allegations of foreign objects within the food. While we have yet to find evidence to substantiate the claims, we are treating the matter seriously.

The workers also highlighted that the food was not tailored to their dietary preferences. Additional engagements were organised involving our caterer to allow them to receive feedback directly from the workers. We have worked with our caterer to make specific improvements based on the workers’ feedback.

Throughout the week of 18 October 2021, representatives of the Company visited Tukang Dorm during meal times to get immediate feedback on the quality of the catered daily meals. The workers have expressed appreciation for the improvements made.

The Company and caterer will continue to welcome feedback and work towards improving catering options for our workers. We are committed to ensuring a high and consistent standard of food hygiene and quality.

Ongoing Verification of Vaccination Status

As stated in our last update, Sembcorp Marine has about 1,400 workers residing in Tukang Dorm. Prior to their recent arrival in Singapore, these workers were vaccinated in their home country and their vaccination verification process is ongoing.

​As of 21 October 2021, 67% of the company’s 1,400 workers at Tukang Dorm have undergone serology tests and approximately 53% of them have had their vaccination status records updated in the ​ National Immunisation Registry (NIR).

The Company is also making vaccination available, including Sinovac and Sinopharm vaccines, to its workers who have not met the criteria for registration in the ​NIR.  A vaccination exercise for these workers has been ongoing since 19 October 2021.  We will continue with the vaccination exercise and encourage all affected workers at Tukang Dorm to be fully vaccinated as soon as possible.

The Company also understands that there are some concerns from workers who are not familiar with Singapore’s public health protocols. We have stepped up engagements with workers to explain Singapore’s public health protocols and the vaccination registration process.

On 19 October 2021, the Company invited Dr Lam Meng Chon, Director (Medical), Assurance, Care and Engagement (ACE) Group of the Ministry of Manpower to share with the workers the current public health protocols and vaccination registration process in Singapore, prior to the vaccination exercise.  Dr Lam also addressed questions and concerns raised by the workers.

Standing is Dr Lam Meng Chon, Director (Medical), ACE Group, Ministry of Manpower, briefing Sembcorp Marine workers on public health protocols and vaccination registration process in Singapore.


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