16 Oct 2021

Update on Situation at Westlite Jalan Tukang Dormitory

Singapore, 15 October 2021 – Sembcorp Marine Ltd (the “Company”) would like to provide a further update on the situation at Westlite Jalan Tukang Dormitory (“Tukang Dorm”).


1. As of the evening of Thursday, 14 October 2021, all Sembcorp Marine workers whose Antigen Rapid Test (ART) results were positive for COVID-19 have been transferred to a care or recovery facility.

2. The Assurance, Care and Engagement Group (ACE) under MOM has deployed mobile clinical teams on site, when required to augment access to medical care. 

3. The Company has taken immediate steps to address complaints of lack of hygiene in the food served and unsatisfactory food quality.

4. The Company apologises to its workers at the Tukang Dorm and continues to engage them on their concerns.


Tukang Dorm has a capacity of 3,400 beds, of which about 1,400 (or approximately 40%) are occupied by Sembcorp Marine workers. These workers are housed at the Tukang Dorm as the Company’s own dormitories are fully occupied.

As part of the safe management measures, they are required to undergo mandatory routine COVID-19 testing. This testing, using ART kits or PCR (polymerase chain reaction) tests, is undertaken at Sembcorp Marine work sites.

The current protocol for workers residing at the Tukang Dorm is that those who test positive are isolated from other dormitory residents, before they are moved to a care or recovery facility.

The Incident at Tukang Dorm

As part of the Company’s mandatory routine testing exercise on our workforce residing at Tukang Dorm, a steep increase in positive cases was detected. Under the protocols, workers who test positive are isolated from other residents before being moved to a care or recovery facility. 

Arrangements were made to convey the workers. Unfortunately, due to the large numbers, there were delays in conveyance to recovery and healthcare facilities. This led to great unhappiness among both the COVID-positive workers as well as those who tested negative. To resolve the logistical challenge and address the workers sentiment, the Company worked with ACE and the dormitory operator to convey the workers to appropriate care or recovery facilities. 

As of the evening of 14 October 2021, all residents who tested positive have been conveyed to a care or recovery facility.

COVID-19 Testing and Management Going Forward

The Company will continue its regular COVID-19 testing and coordinate closely with ACE and the dormitory operator.  The Company appreciates that ACE has been reviewing its processes to ensure that it is able to secure sufficient resources to manage unexpected increases in cases across all dormitories.

Medical Care at Tukang Dorm

The company remains committed to ensuring that workers receive medical care, when needed. The company notes that the authorities have deployed mobile clinical teams on site, when required to augment the care needs of workers while continuing to make regional medical centres and telemedicine accessible.

The safety and wellbeing of our workers are our foremost concern.  The Company has taken measures to protect their health and safety, and will continue to do so.

Complaint on the Food Served to Workers at the Tukang Dorm

Sembcorp Marine workers at the Tukang Dorm have complained about two aspects of the food provided by an external caterer engaged by the Company:

(a) lack of hygiene in the food preparation; and

(b) quality of the food served

The Company apologises to our workers for these issues.

The Company has taken the caterer to task and has insisted on strict adherence to hygiene standards, as well as timeliness of the food delivery.  It will continue to monitor this to ensure a high and consistent standard of food hygiene and quality.

The Company Continues to Engage our Workers at Tukang Dorm

The Company has various channels of communication with our employees.  Given the heightened needs of the past days at the Tukang Dorm, we have arranged for additional interactions with the workers at the dormitory.

In our interactions with our workers, we have received their feedback and concerns.  We have also taken the opportunity to share the current testing and health management protocols as defined by the local authorities.  Many now have a better understanding of the protocols.

This afternoon, 15 October 2021, Sembcorp Marine’s Chief Human Resource Officer, Mr Chua San Lye, accompanied the Chief of ACE Group, Mr Tung Yui Fai, on his visit to Tukang Dorm.  In their interactions with the residents, they assured the workers their concerns are being progressively resolved.


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