20 Apr 2021

Sembcorp Marine Wins Sustainability Award at Singapore International Maritime Awards 2021

The Award recognises the Group’s contributions towards the building of a greener and more environmentally sustainable maritime industry

Singapore, 19 April 2021 – Sembcorp Marine today won the Sustainability Award at the Singapore International Maritime Awards (IMA) 2021, a biennial event organised by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore to celebrate outstanding achievements and contributions to the local port, shipping and marine industries.

The Award, presented for the first time, lauds Sembcorp Marine’s steadfast commitment to sustainability, which is integrated into the Group’s business strategy and embedded into its operations. Sembcorp Marine’s pursuit of sustainability extends beyond energy and resource conservation, waste minimisation, process efficiency enhancement, use of renewable resource to the provision of innovative engineering products and solutions with a focus on sustainability for the marine, offshore and energy industries.

Notably, the Group has developed a suite of comprehensive Gas Value Chain solutions which helped it secure a contract to build a 12,000 m3 LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) bunkering vessel for Mitsui O.S.K. Once completed, this vessel will be the largest LNG bunkering vessel built in Singapore, complementing Singapore’s advocacy for decarbonisation and augmenting the development of Singapore’s ecosystem and infrastructure to support LNG bunkering.

Sembcorp Marine’s enhanced capabilities in sustainable solutions has also enabled the Group to make inroads into the renewable energy market. In March 2021, the Group, in collaboration with GE Renewables Grid Solutions, secured a contract to supply the High Voltage Direct Current transmission system for RWE Renewables’ Sofia Offshore Wind Farm. One of the largest wind farms in the world once it is completed, Sofia will supply electricity to nearly 1.2 million homes in the UK. For this project, Sembcorp Marine will be building the world’s most remote offshore converter platform, located some 220 km from the nearest shore.

Other sustainable solutions projects currently undertaken by Sembcorp Marine include:

  • Fabrication of two wind farm substation topsides for Ørsted Wind Power, to be deployed at the UK Hornsea 2 Offshore Wind Farm;
  • Three zero-emission battery-powered roll-on/roll-off passenger (Ropax) ships designed and built for Norwegian ferry operator Norled; and
  • Sembcorp Marine’s progressive renewal of its existing tugboat fleet with up to 12 LNG hybrid-powered vessels of its own design.

In 2020, despite operational challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Group completed 34 ballast water management system retrofit projects and 16 scrubber projects, enabling its customers to protect marine eco-systems and decrease greenhouse gas emissions.

Sembcorp Marine President and CEO, Mr Wong Weng Sun said, “Sembcorp Marine’s efforts to achieve enterprise excellence will be meaningful only if they are aligned with our sustainability mission.  We don’t want to just cancel out the negative impact of our operations on the environment. We want to make a positive difference for all our stakeholders.  This stance has enabled Sembcorp Marine to make a more profound contribution towards sustainability.”

“We thank the Singapore International Maritime Awards 2021 for this recognition. We share this award with all our stakeholders who have supported us and who are equally committed to Sustainability.”

Mr Kenneth Lim, MPA’s Assistant Chief Executive (Industry), said, “We wish to congratulate Sembcorp Marine Ltd on its sustainability achievements, and inspiring others in the maritime industry to embark on their own sustainability journeys. The Sustainability Award is testament to Sembcorp Marine’s outstanding contributions to the decarbonisation of Singapore’s maritime industry.”

Innovation for a Sustainable Future

Innovation is a core enabler at Sembcorp Marine, driving the Group’s transformation and Sustainability push. To boost innovation development, the Group collaborates with government agencies, research institutions, classification societies and other stakeholders to develop its engineering bench strength. Recent collaborations include:

  • Signing a Master Research Collaboration Agreement with the Agency for Science, Technology and Research to set up a Joint Lab @TBY to facilitate test-bedding and commercialisation of Digital Design and Advanced Manufacturing capabilities and other Industry 4.0 technologies;
  • Development of large-scale maritime hydrogen fuel cell systems for the international market; and
  • Development of commercially-viable carbon capture solutions for maritime transport, offshore discharge, floating storage and CO2 injection for permanent storage in subsea reservoirs.

The Group has also invested in building its flagship Tuas Boulevard Yard (TBY), a state-of-the-art smart yard equipped with Industry 4.0 technologies and environmentally-friendly features that support sustainable operations. In particular, the Group replaced over five gigawatt-hours (GWh) of grid-supplied electricity with clean energy harnessed from a solar-panelled roof located above its steel fabrication workshop. This amount of solar-generated electricity – enough to power about 1,100 four-room flats for one full year – enabled Sembcorp Marine to reduce carbon emissions by over 2,100 tonnes, equivalent to taking 684 cars off the road for a year. Sembcorp Marine will progressively scale up its solar power output at TBY in the coming years.

Sembcorp Marine Head of Research and Development, Mr Simon Kuik said: “The COVID-19 pandemic has put into sharper focus the need for digital transformation across business operations globally. ​The maritime industry will not just automat​e and digitalise but also embrace innovation​. We will harness big data, ​artificial ​intelligence, the Internet of Things and other Industry 4.0 applications​. This will ensure we optimise resources, enhance safety and become more agile in an increasingly complex business environment. At the same time, the maritime industry will pivot towards renewable energy and adopt green technologies and practices.  We share the vision of creating a conducive living environment for current and future generations.”

Other than winning the Sustainability Award this year, Sembcorp Marine also clinched the IMA 2017 Outstanding Maritime R&D and Technology Award for its non-chemical and by-product-free ballast water management system, and the IMA Offshore and Marine Engineering Award in 2015 and 2019.

Mr Simon Kuik (R), Sembcorp Marine Head of Research & Development and Sustainability Secretariat, receiving the IMA Sustainability Award from Mr Chee Hong Tat, Senior Minister of State for Foreign Affairs and Transport, Republic of Singapore.

Solar panels (left) on the roof of our steel fabrication workshop at Tuas Boulevard Yard provide clean energy for up to 30% of maximum production capacity. With a capacity of 4.5 MWp, the panels can generate up to 5,000 MWh of clean energy, enough to power some 1,100 four-room flats annually.

Artist’s impression of the three zero-emission battery-operated roll-on/roll-off passenger (Ropax) ferries being constructed at Tuas Boulevard Yard based on our proprietary design.

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Sembcorp Marine’s customers include major energy companies, owners of floating production units, shipping companies and cruise and ferry operators. They are supported by four commercial units: Rigs & Floaters; Repairs & Upgrades; Offshore Platforms; and Specialised Shipbuilding.

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