Sembcorp Marine Tuas Road Yard

Located in the western  the west of Singapore, this facility is well suited to provide a full suite of service for a wide range of small and medium-sized vessels.

Sembcorp Marine Tuas Road Yard is a compact 6-hectare location that is optimised for the repair & upgrading, construction and conversion of small and medium-sized vessels that include luxurious yachts, offshore supply vessels, seismic/research vessels, cable layer vessels, drill ships, work barges, naval support vessels, coast guard/patrol boats, tankers, cargo and container ships.


Docking FacilitiesTypeLengthWidthCapacity
Dock IFloating116 m23 m4,500 dwt
SlipwaysLength  Capacity
Slipway 1140m15,000 dwt
Slipway 2140m15,000 dwt
Slipway 3120m10,000 dwt
Berthing FacilitiesLength 
Quay A140m
Quay B170m
Quay C125m